Fiona Robinson

Queen of my Jungle.

Hi, I'm Fiona.

My life is driven by a tenacious bond between fierce anxiety and a high tolerance for risk. I am curious and passionate about getting to know others at an intimate level. I love learning and I'm smart, which means I get into conversations quickly and people who are doing interesting things have my attention. I especially love artists, creatives and entrepreneurs - the visionaries who make stuff up and often make a living doing so.

I am an entrepreneur myself. I formed my first company in 2004, a communications and marketing company, Glue, that has served over 200 clients ranging between startup non-profits to nationwide corporations. On my own journey I have been the designer, marketer, coach and mentor, nurturing entrepreneurial spirit at every level. I am an advocate of peer support in entrepreneurship and my latest work engages group coaching for entrepreneurial training programs.

I am also an artist. You can follow my adventures in leatherwork & sewing on Instagram.

A few years ago, I initiated doctoral studies to research how creative entrepreneurs manifest self-sufficiency in rural regions. Since you can't learn that in a book, I moved to rural Manitoba to experience rural entrepreneurship firsthand. (Resilience is essential in -40 degree winters!)

I became the executive director of the local Chamber of Commerce and began writing stories about small businesses in the regional paper. In the meantime, I also taught Entrepreneurial Management to BComm students at Royal Roads University.

Lioness is the pinnacle of my entrepreneurial coaching work.

It's the synthesis of my 15 years of self-employment, doctoral research, and teaching in the space of entrepreneurial learning.

Something that is often shared with me by others is that I have an ability to be deeply empathetic and empowering. On one hand, I am a safe harbour for your most delicate concerns; on the other hand, I am not afraid to give you a nudge in the right direction when that's called for. I ask tough questions. Really tough questions. I am, unconditionally, someone who will hold a candle to your potential, even in the times you find it hardest to believe in yourself.

I've been through my fair share of trauma - alcoholism, surgery, divorce, death/loss, abuse - all of which have enriched my life in amazing ways. This is where my gratitude and resilience were born. Many creatives and entrepreneurs walk similar journeys through deep sensitivity, a fact that is omitted in the many books and blogs that triumph entrepreneurial success tactics.

Therefore, my approach to coaching and supporting others is to nurture that journey. I know when to forge ahead and when to let things unfold naturally. I honour your intuition and deep sense of knowing of what is right for you while integrating my expertise of how to get you to the next desired plateau. Together, we navigate towards your vision.

Yes, there is a cat theme with Lioness. I have always had an affinity to cats, their confident, indulgent, lavish ways of living a noble life that commands the respect of others. I am also a Leo, the zodiac manifestation of the feline enterprise.

And, like a cat, I always land on my feet.


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