The Only Way Out is In.

The Lioness Approach.

Our entrepreneurial coaching embodies a distinctly feminine approach.

Let’s face it: You are not a wannabe Silicone Valley entrepreneur or multi-millionaire. In fact, if you’re like most creative entrepreneurs, you simply want to make a decent living, wake up happy and run your life. It’s really that simple. If millions of dollars come your way … you'll take it!

Many business coaches, incubators and mainstream business programs (including government ones) focus on externalities and that are out of your control: industry size, loans, investors, sales targets and exit strategies, for example. Operating from this state of deficiency is hardly kind to the creative spirit, who is then faced with the task of writing an imaginary business plan to appease external decision-makers who are most likely to turn down your loan requests (unless you have an asset like a house to back it up). Furthermore, it keeps creative entrepreneurs small, effectively fostering labels such as crafty, hobbyist mompreneur or starving artist.

Everything you need to complete our programs already exists between your heart and your mind. 

Lioness programs build on inside-out reflections of where you’re at, where you want to go, what you have in terms of resources, and how you can make better decisions to get to the next step. 
We call this a feminine approach because it builds from the inside-out. This approach works especially well for creative entrepreneurs because we have an acute sense of resourcefulness and ingenuity to create something out of nothing. Rather than shuffling this ability under the rug, Lioness programs put the spotlight where it belongs - on you, and this magical ability you have to create your future!

For the Men: We are Humanists, not Feminists.

If you’re a guy and the name ‘Lioness’ hasn’t scared you off yet … welcome! We have great empathy towards the men who are fellow humanists, feminists and #metoo advocates that are often sidelined because of their gender. You have a critical role to play in the shaping of society that is needed today more than ever.
At Lioness, we promote a feminine way of doing things to the benefit of all genders.

Embracing Shakti Leadership 

Shakti and Shiva energy emerge from the Hindu school of thought. Shiva is masculine energy: hierarchical, individualist and militaristic. Shakti is feminine energy: regenerative, cooperative, creative and empathetic. Men, women, and non-binary folks potentially embody Shiva and Shakti energy; stereotypically, women carry a higher dose of Shakti and men carry a higher dose of Shiva.
"Shakti is the transformative power that manifests ideas into reality" (Bhat and Sisodia, 2016).
The world we are living in today is dominated by unbalanced Shiva energy. At the highest level, undesirable outcomes include war, environmental degradation, corruption, and unprecedented rates of stress and depression. Everyone is responsible for this; humanity has acted in ways to reinforce the mess. Going forward, Shakti energy is the power we need to bring peace, healing, empathy and resilience back into the fold of our lives.
In case you're wondering how Shakti energy relates to entrepreneurship, it boils down to the difference between the hero and the heroine's journey. The hero's (male) quest is for power. The heroine's (female) quest is for love. 
In the masculine model, we are taught to seek wisdom to attain meaning and purpose; ultimately, wisdom becomes power. If you think of typical approaches to teaching entrepreneurship, it is based on this premise of 'what you don't know, and what you need to know to succeed.'
In the feminine model, the heroine seeks love and particularly self-love after she sheds ties to the patriarchy and the idea that external love completes her. In doing so, she becomes the sovereign master of her own life; she gains freedom. Furthermore, everything the heroine needs to know already exists between her head and the heart. The resources are internal, not external.
Our empowerment model embraces the reclamation of self while challenging norms and inspiring the confidence required to run your business on your own terms. This is what we mean by a feminine approach. It works beautifully for both genders and it is uniquely offered through Lioness.
(If you'd like to read more about this, I highly recommend you read the book where these ideas originated: Shakti Energy.)
So, Leos, we invite you to harness your inner Shakti and release your creative beast. We welcome your Shiva energy to the feast; after all, lionesses have it too ... in moderation.

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